Monday, January 5, 2015

The Biography of Charles Coffin - Haunted Book (featured on A&E's "My Ghost Story" episode: Souls Adrift)

The biography of Charles Coffin - published 1898

The biography of Charles Coffin is not only a rare and old book (printed 1898), it's also one of grave importance to the spirits of the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, Georgia. For more then four years, the Alabama Ghost Hunters have been actively investigating the museum in search of answers regarding the paranormal activity there. 

In 2012, the nationally recognized TV show, My Ghost Story, featured a segment based on the paranormal phenomenon and experiences at the National Civil War Naval Museum. During investigations by the Alabama Ghost Hunters, video, photo and audio data was collected. In one particular location of the museum (inside the Hartford), an EVP of a man saying the word "Coffin" was thought to be just random ghost chatter until the discovery of the book. The book was found in a cache of antique books that was discovered in the former director's office while cleaning. 

Charles Carleton Coffin was a Civil War journalist who worked for the Boston Globe. He wrote from the decks of the Union Fleet's most recognized battle and war ships. Once the research established a connection to the book, it was purchased by haunted collector and paranormal author, Faith Serafin and added to the haunted collection at the Paranormal Oddities Museum. Since the arrival of the book, the activity surrounding the ghost of Charles Coffin has increased dramatically. The Alabama Ghost Hunters are still collecting EVP's at the museum referring to "Charlie's book" and some that say, "Bring us Charlie's book back". The artifact has a dual purpose, it is on display at the Museum of Paranormal Oddities and it is also used as a trigger object during paranormal investigations at the National Civil War Naval Museum.

Watch the full episode of My Ghost Story - Souls Adrift: 

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