Monday, January 5, 2015

Bloody Bullets from Gettysburg, PA

Spent lead bullets collected from the battlefields of Gettysburg, PA.
This location was the site of one of America's deadliest battles during the American Civil War. 

These haunted objects come from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, from the battlefield where the most violent and bloodiest battles of the American Civil War took place. Several years ago, I stumbled upon the unusual artifact, the Confederate mini ball you see in the lower portion of this photo. It was buried just centimeters in the ground near Devil's Den (a location of the battlefield associated with the worst fighting of the war). Shortly after, I found the union round lodged in  a stone that had nearly been grown over by trees and roots. The third and fourth Federal and Confederate rounds were found near the wheat field and on the Confederate side of the battlefield, were the old peach orchard once stood. 

The rounds are made of lead, and can only be handled with gloves. They are housed in a cushioned box. These bullets may or may not have pierced the bodies of those Union and Confederate troops who died at the battle of Gettysburg, but they were found on the battlefield were more then 60,000 men perished during intense battle. After my second trip, bringing home the slugs may have also brought back some spiritual residue. We frequently smell sulfur and gun powder since the addition of the bullets, and on occasion, visitors to the museum's private collection have reported seeing a man in a blue uniform.

At this time, we are actively pursuing the investigation of the uniformed spirit to is her is, in fact, connected to these items. 

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